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Stop Fighting Everything All The Time…


In this series, Father Tom shares a brief history of the 100th anniversary of prohibition and women's right to vote.


Fr. Tom also covers topics like:

Are you miserable enough to be welcomed in? We are so glad to see you.
We often don’t know what healthy looks like when we're used to unhealthy.

If we haven’t had any examples of sanity, it may be difficult to know what sanity looks like.
What do we do when we come to and wake up, to a lot of chaos.

In recovery, we gain tools to learn how to be vulnerable and transparent with sponsors, mentors and our peers. We learn how to participate in life as human beings by waking up and coming to.
In the program, we learn how to be and let other people be. Instead of pushing people away we let them in. These are some of the tools that we gain that we may be astonished! Learning how to let go of the past and let go of the future to practice being in the moment. (9/19)

Stop Fighting Everything All The Time - Father Tom W

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