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Father Tom Weston, SJ
Alcohol & Drug Recovery Audio CDs

The Flexible, Practical, Useful Twelve Steps
Are we willing to get well someone else’s way? Are we willing to have a beginner’s mind as a basis for daily living? Can we turn
things over to God’s good care as a way to get out of the argument and stop fighting? While going through the 12 Steps, Fr. Tom
W. tackles hard issues such as intolerance, bigotry, isolation, and feeling disconnected. Tom shares his understanding of God and
what to do when you don’t have enough hope. And what do we do about anger – in ourselves and from others? Tom discusses
what healthy looks and feels like, what makes a good share at a meeting and what restored to sanity means. It’s not enough just
being in recovery – it’s finding the joy in recovery. (8/18)

$43.00 #D0174 5 CD Album

Waking Up To The Here and Now
In these wonderful talks, Father Tom W. shares with us how to focus on the present, where we are continually restored to sanity.
Living in the present is where we find serenity, our truth, and our HP. Do we have a willingness to respond? Recovery is an
ongoing process. We don’t get fixed, we get to wake up. And if we are willing, we keep waking up. Fr. Tom reminds us to pay
attention and not get discouraged. Do what works. Keep growing. Keep learning new things. Whether you are a newcomer or
have been in the program for a long time, these talks expand our awareness, recovery, and gratitude. (1/18)
$51.00 #D0172 6 CD Album

Recovery Is An Inside Job
Father Tom poses some very important questions: Why do I choose? What am I feeling? What are my motives?
What is the role of resentments in my life? Do I know what my fears are? He shares with us why these are key to our growth and
how we are influenced by them. He discusses guilt, powerlessness, grief, and healing. We need tools to help us change how we
think. These talks help us to have a better awareness of ourselves and to continue growing in recovery. Liturgy and the 11th Step:
Sharing Scripture and the Eucharist, Lent 2017 is disc 5 in this album. (04/17)
$43.00 #D0170 5 CD album

Gratitude – A Surprising Gift Of Recovery
There are many surprises in recovery. A big one is that we discover that we become grateful. Father Tom takes us on a journey of
looking at all we have been given. He speaks with us about love, open-hearted expressions of a Higher Power, the gifts of our
disease, and the gratitude for recovery and freedom. He discusses how to live life – not merely survive it. Father Tom talks with us
about what to do when things get really difficult – and it will. In recovery, we all end up back at Step 1 at one point or another, and
he shows us what to do; how to turn it over, discusses self-centered fear, and developing the muscle to identify with others.
Father Tom leads us in a truly wonderful Gratitude meditation that will expand our gratitude for all we have been given. (1/17)
$43.00 #D0169 5 CD Album



Experience, Strength, And Hope With
Fr. Tom W. and Fr. Jim H.

Tom and Jim share their thoughts on a variety of topics such as humility, compassion, the qualities of mature people, resistance to
change, perfectionism and relationships. Tom and Jim use the language of AA and Al-Anon focusing on the transformation from
self-will to God’s will. (1/16)
$51.00 #D0167 6 CD Album


Experience, Strength, And Hope With
Fr. Tom W. and Fr. Terry R.

In this very special retreat, Tom and his sponsor Terry share their thoughts on a variety of topics such as sanity, self-centered fear,
our capacity to receive God’s love, judgments, defects of character, and the role of sponsorship. Tom and Terry focus on the
transformation that occurs with recovering people. (8/15)
$43.00 #D0166 5 CD Album

I Should Be Much Better By Now!
Tom talks about how trying harder can kill us. We have spent too long throwing energy into the things we cannot change. He talks
about self-deception, before and after recovery. Being alive, we get to experience lots of ups and downs. And when we go back to
step one, we start over again. It doesn’t mean we are doing something wrong….it means we are rebuilding. He shares with us how
being hurt shows up as disappointment, anger, fear, and sorrow. Going into those empty places brings up different feelings for each
of us. Tom reminds us that grief is part of recovery and sorrow is useful. He speaks of love and how loving others doesn’t change
them...but rather how it changes us. Tom shares with us how to pray with a more generous heart. And he shows us some ways to
tell when you are growing spiritually. (05/15)
$51.00 #D0165 6 CD Album

Becoming Useful Members Of The Community Through The Steps and Traditions
When we come to the rooms we are very immature. Nothing is our fault and we have secrets. We have trouble with personal
relationships and have no idea what to do with our emotions. Father Tom discusses the practical and spiritual aspects of the 12
Steps and 12 Traditions that help us grow up. Wait!… think you might not want to learn more about the traditions – think again.
Our steps and our traditions help us with our recovery, our relationships, and our connection with a Higher Power. And Tom shares
new and humorous stories illustrating the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions working in our lives. There is a long period of rebuilding after
we enter these rooms. We need new skills to notice what is at work in our lives. These wonderful talks show us, with a little
recovery and maturity, how to be in dialogue with others in recovery, with our families and our community. (Recorded 01/15)
$51.00 #D0164 6 CD Album

Don’t Try Harder, Resist Less
What do we do when we can’t do much about something, and we want to anyway? Or we want something to happen right now!
Tom talks about surrender...about throwing our burdens down. He reminds us to resistless. It is not a matter of trying harder. And
we don’t have to fight so hard. In recovery, we experience a shifting of inner equilibrium. This does not come about from doing, but
by relaxing and letting go. Tom talks to us about resisting less—in our own recovery, in trusting our feelings, in experiencing a
Higher Power, and even during times of grief. We talk about this being a spiritual program, but what does spiritual mean? Is it
vague and theoretical….does it have anything to do with me? How do we know when something real is going on? Tom discusses
these topics and guides us on an excellent meditation. There is much we cannot change, but there is much we can. And we get to
do it in a very new way. (Recorded 09/14)
$51.00 #D0163 6 CD Album

Keeping It Practical & Simple:
Living In The World of Recovery

Fr. Tom has just returned from the Middle East and brings with him many stories and insights from his travel to Abu Dhabi. Tom
takes a deeper look at the Serenity Prayer and provides new meaning as to what we can and cannot change. Powerless and
unmanageability, we learn to talk about this in recovery. The second step offers us a way out…Step 2 offers hope. Tom discusses
the fantasy of recovery that every day we get better. We all understand God differently. Tom suggests looking for God in all things,
and ways to “notice God”. How to meditate? What works, what does not work. Try some of Tom’s approaches to meditation. The
retreat concludes with a review of the tenth step using the Examen developed by Ignatius of Loyola as a way to find God in all
things. (06/14)
#D0162 6 CD Album $51.00

Remember to Remember
Whether we are a newcomer or a cranky old timer, we need to remember. Father Tom reminds us that almost all we need to know
to stay sober was told to us in the first 90 days of recovery. We come into the rooms with very bad attitudes and the Steps meet us
right where we are. And we get well. Remember to remember this. Our stories are important for us to remember, and important for
others to hear. We need to remember that God works directly with each one of us and that we do not need to define a higher
power to tap into the source. Remember to ask for help throughout the day. Father Tom reminds us to get out of our head and our
comfort zone. Ours is a program of action. Be aware of what we are remembering – is it gratitude or past hurts? Remember to
embrace change and be willing to be uncomfortable. Remember that comfort will return. Remember that we are not alone. And
remember to pass it on. (01/13)
#D0159 6 CD Album $51.00

Desperate Enough? Thank God!
Fr. Tom says that you have to have the gift of desperation to want to come to AA and you have to double that for Al-Anon. This
program is our last option available which is good because we need to be desperate enough to ask for help and willing enough to
receive it. Fr. Tom talks about needing to learn new skills, like detachment, letting go of old ideas and the importance of listening.
He discusses how to be awake and reflect on our own behavior, how to act in loving ways, and how to show love. We are given
tools to stop blaming others, and we discover what a huge relief it is to admit when we are wrong—which is one of the great signs of
adulthood. Tom reminds us that we have been let out of slavery into freedom and that we didn’t do it alone. A power greater than
ourselves has been at work in our lives. (01/12)
#D0157 6 CD Album $51.00

Observations About Our Journey
Fr. Tom brings us stories, and insights, sprinkled with humor about our spiritual journey in recovery. Tom explores how we recover
what we once thought was lost. He asks how well do we pay attention to the gifts we have been given? Do we take for granted the
riches we have found in recovery? How can we open our hearts to the fullness of life? He explores the “...satisfaction of right
living…” from the “12 & 12”. He talks about recognizing feelings and reminds us that being uncomfortable is not necessarily bad.
Tom shares practical techniques for prayer and meditation using our own daily reader as another way to improve our conscious
contact with God. (01/11)
#D0155 6 CD Album $51.00

You Start With Hello
When we get here, we are completely out of our comfort zone. And we say hello and an entirely new way of life opens up to us. Fr.
Tom shares many stories about our new relationships with friends, companions, allies, and sponsors. He talks about the things we
can change, and those we cannot. He talks about guilt and shame, self-loathing and self-acceptance. He discusses defects of
character and the daily reprieve we receive through the steps. He talks about the “Rules of the World” and how we need to break
them when we come into recovery. In recovery, we learn skills on how to develop loving relationships. We learn how to identify
safe people, and we learn how to be a safe person. We make the connections with others through the things we share. Go to
meetings and say hello to people and develop wonderful friendships. Say hello to a Higher Power and receive grace. We learn
these new behaviors and go from existing to living. (09/10)
#D0154 6 CD Album $51.00

The Principles Of The Program
“….and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” Understanding the principles of the 12 Steps can be very difficult, abstract or
very simple. Father Tom talks about incorporating these principles into our daily lives. He makes abstract ideas very simple and
practical. Honesty, Hope, Faith, Courage, Integrity, Willingness, Humility, Love, Justice, Perseverance, Spirituality and Service.
These twelve principles are the spiritual basis behind each of the Twelve Steps. Fr. Tom shows how employing these behaviors in
our daily lives can be an enriching experience. (05/10)
#D0152 4 CD Album $34.00

Living In The World of Recovery
In these warm and delightful talks, Fr. Tom Weston shares with us that ours is not a self-help program. If it were, we would have
fixed ourselves long ago. Instead, living in the world of recovery, we learn to ask for help in the Program. And Fr. Tom shares with
us that it is a great spiritual accomplishment to ask for help when we need it. And when something spiritual happens, change
occurs for us. Fr. Tom talks with us about learning how to trust again. And about the many aspects of willingness in living in the
world of recovery. And he shows us how to keep sane when those around us are going crazy. And Fr. Tom gives a wonderful
guided meditation using The AA Promises. (09/09)
#D0150 6 CD Album $51.00

One Day At A Time - But are the days too long?
These new talks focus on the transformative power of the 12 steps. Fr. Tom emphasizes practical, day to day applications of the
spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps. Simple formulas are explored for “turning it over”, “let go and let God” plus spiritual activities
for prayer and meditation. We are often told recovery is a “program of action”, but where do we start or in some cases restart?
These new talks are Tom Weston at his best. A humorous and enriching experience. (06/08)
#D0148 6 CD Album $51.00

Are We Willing To Be Willing?
In these series of talks Fr.Tom shares how to live through difficult times using the tools of the program. Do we sometimes feel
disconnected from our Higher Power? How to make that conscious contact with your Higher Power easier with the “switch”. He
talks of connecting with people rather than “using” people….sharing our experience, strength, and hope. Are we willing to let change
happen? Are we willing to be willing? What can we expect if we willingly surrender ourselves to the spiritual discipline of the 12
Steps? These and many other questions about recovery are explored in this series of talks. 01/08
#D0147 6 CD Album $51.00

Let Go Of The Old and Welcome The New
In recovery, we learn many new tools, such as letting go of what no longer works and embracing a new way of life. Tom shares how
God is present in our daily lives and how we can now recognize God acting in our lives and the lives of others. When we have a
relationship with a Higher Power we are more alive, human, peaceful and useful. We make a connection with God through other
people. Tom talks about spiritual experiences. He talks about God’s will for us, which is simpler than we sometimes think. Fr. Tom
explains that prayer and meditation can be a confusing or a simple process and offers suggestions to make that connection with
God easier. (01/07)
#D0145 6 CD Album $51.00

Freedom through Self Acceptance
Just what is a spiritual awakening? If someone has been touched by the Spirit what changes can be expected? How do we
progress from Step One to Step Two? Fr. Tom talks about God as you understand God and the many different points of view and
experiences. He talks about the original Six Steps initially used in Akron, Ohio which later became the Twelve Steps. Fr. Tom
explores Steps Six and Seven and the underlying concept of self-acceptance. Character defects might always be there. But the
program gives us new tools to accept them and experience freedom. (01/06)
#D0144 6 CD Album $51.00

Taking Time For Reflection
“...Progress, not perfection…” Fr. Tom Weston explores with us the spiritual journey those of us in recovery have embarked on.
Part of recovery and having a healthy spiritual practice is learning how to slow down and take time for reflection. These talks offer
an opportunity to explore how we work the Steps in our lives. Fr. Tom shares with us some of his reflections on love and ways of
knowing God’s will for us. He explores with us how to look at our own behavior, feelings, and defects of character as a way to see
how God works with each one of us. Excellent for newcomers...inspirational for old-timers...Tom Weston at his best. (1/03)
#D0139 6 CD Album $51.00

We Don’t Have to Do This Alone
In these wonderful talks, Father Tom Weston reminds us that we aren’t alone. With a power greater than ourselves, Step 2, and
reaching out to others in the program, Step 12, we continue to get better. And we get to do things differently, with altered attitudes.
Through his many stories, insights, and a lot of humor, Fr. Tom reminds us that we don’t have to live alone with our conflicts. And
we can even look forward to a daily reprieve from our craziness when we remember to ask for God’s help. Fr. Tom talks with us
about learning how to tell our stories and also learning how to listen to the stories of others. And Fr. Tom shares new stories with us.
As Fr. Tom reminds us when someone who has been there talks to someone who is there – grace flows. We really do need God’s
help and each other. In recovery everything changes, if we let it. (8/02)
#D0138 6 CD Album $51.00

Our Footwork, God’s Grace
In recovery, we continue to grow emotionally and spiritually. Father Tom helps us to look at our own behavior and the ways we may
be more available to our Higher Power working in our lives. Are we cooperating with God? Fr. Tom offers many suggestions of
practical footwork on recovery, from praying and meditation, self-acceptance, and what to do when we are stuck, angry or
discouraged with our own progress. Father Tom discusses what about our behavior may get us into trouble and lead us to despair.
And he helps us to understand what may be going on when we are running low on faith and hope, discusses what it means to be in
consolation and desolation, and suggests ways of dealing with this. Father Tom enlightens us with how introverts and extraverts
communicate and shows us how this worked with Bill W. and Dr. Bob in the beginning days of AA. And Fr. Tom shares his personal
experience in dealing with the events of September 11th. These wonderful tapes offer insight, inspiration, and hope for all of us.
#D0135 6 CD Album $51.00

A Fresh Look At Recovery
Father Tom takes a fresh look at recovery for people whose lives are on the line. In this inspiring retreat held near the birthplace of
Alcoholics Anonymous, Father Tom describes how Dr. Bob and Bill Wilson built the practical and spiritual tools that continue to save
our lives every day. He demystifies the steps by describing how they were developed and offers a number of practical techniques to
do them. How do we move from despair to hope, from loneliness and isolation to a rich, new life with service to others? Father Tom
talks about depression and other things that can get in our way, and he discusses the roles of therapy and medication. There are
many rich stories of the early days, but mostly these talks are about how we can work our program today and live our lives with
richness, with hope, and in community with others. (6/99)
#D0133 6 CD Album $51.00

Rebuilding Our Lives One Day at a Time
Father Tom leads us on an inspired odyssey from the depths of our despair while drinking and using, to the heights of the spiritual
awakenings available for all of us in recovery. How can the tools of the Program help us open our hearts to embrace the fullness of
life? How can we learn to love and accept others and ourselves? He offers practical suggestions for doing an inventory, making
amends, and becoming aware of the choices and power we have in our lives. And he shows how we can develop a spiritual
practice, which will nurture us, guide us and help us find serenity and peace. (1/97)
#D0130 6 CD Album $51.00

Journeys and Encounters
According to Father Tom, recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous is a journey. We move from a world of illusion to a world of real life.
These talks focus on the transformation that happens to recovering people when they let the program work. He explores the
changes that happen in our hearts, in our families, in our relationships, in our lives. He relates some wonderful stories and poems
from writers and singers who have made a difference to him. And he talks about the importance of having allies, companions, and
friends so that we don't have to be isolated, alone and desperate anymore. In these talks, Father Tom offers a gift of recovery in
real life. (11/95)
#D0127 6 CD Album $51.00

Living Life Fully Using The Traditions
Father Tom electrifies the Traditions of AA by demonstrating the profound insight and vitality they can bring to all our relationships.
He shows through the history of the Program and the Traditions how these principles can guide our interactions, not just with the
group, but with everyone we encounter in our daily lives. His stories, poetry, scripture and Program literature are filled with wisdom,
humor, and inspiration. One of the best retreats we have taped. (5/94)
#D0124 6 CD Album $51.00

Creating Balance in Our Lives
As we learn to walk the path of the sober life in AA, we find that we make choices with every step. In these talks, Father Tom shares
his experiences with these choices and talks about how we can find the balance between hope and despair, sanity and craziness,
feeling our feelings and compulsive behavior. He shows how we can learn to identify and value our unique natures, and then to build
upon them. And he shares a simple and effective formula for doing the Tenth Step every day. (6/93)
#D0121 6 CD Album $51.00

A Weekend of Sobriety for Women and Men
Father Tom's fast, funny and insightful approach to living in sobriety focuses on moving from the problem to the solution. He
emphasizes the practical day-to-day applications of the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps of AA. And he reinforces the urgency
of our commitment to this way of life. (12/86)
#D0102 6 CD Album $51.00

What Program? God Who?
These thought-provoking questions set the tone for a wide-ranging discussion of recovery at this women's retreat. The focus is on
the concrete steps to recovery from alcoholism as a process of learning how to share feelings and participate in the community.
"What program? God who?" might be a cry of despair from a person alone. But within a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, it's a
hilarious comment on life. (10/88)
#D0111 6 CD Album $51.00

Principles of Recovery from Addiction
Father Tom applies the Twelve Steps to recovery from cocaine and other drugs. He talks about how to nurture spirituality, break the
addictive cycle, and let go of old patterns. How to show up, pay attention and tell the truth, and how to know God's will. (3/87)
#D0104 6 CD Album $51.00

Is There Life After Bourbon?
This is the original, brilliant, fast-paced, funny, moving, Father Tom from the early days. He tells fascinating stories about getting
sober, staying sober, and finding a rich and meaningful life by working the steps. Recorded at an AA men's retreat in 1986, his
delivery and insights have continued to delight and inspire both men and women (11/86)
#D0103 6 CD Album $51.00

A Commentary on The Twelve Steps and The Twelve Traditions
Father Tom's stories and commentary bring the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous right into your life and your heart. In four talks he
describes the Steps and Traditions not as rigid dogma, but as the actual, living experience of "how it works" for recovering people
from the earliest days of the program to the present. There's a practical section on how to do the Fourth Step. A great introduction to
the program for newcomers, and a deepening of insight and commitment for everyone else. (2/88)
#D0109 4 CD Album $34.00

Keeping It Simple
When we're drinking and using, our lives are incredibly complex as we protect our habits, try to keep our stories straight and
struggle to hold our world together. But our first act of recovery is profoundly simple: total surrender. Maintaining that simplicity is our
real challenge if we are to grow spiritually in sobriety, according to Father Tom. He offers dozens of stories and practical techniques
to help us open our hearts, rejoin the human race, and share our freedom, joy, and light with the world around us. (12/92)
#D0120 6 CD Album $51.00

Getting Back to Basics
It's easy to forget the most important things. Father Tom shows how the basic tools of the AA program can help us to stay sober and
ensure our continued growth and happiness. He talks about going to meetings, using the telephone, and using the tool of writing. He
really gets into sponsorship: how to choose one, how to use one, and how to be one. And he describes the profound nature of the
slogans, including "Turn It Over," "Easy Does It," and "Live and Let Live." An inspiration for newcomers and old-timers alike. (9/91)
#D0115 6 CD Album $51.00

“… Willing to Grow Along Spiritual Lines…”
Throughout all situations, God is at work. “AA is not a personal success story. It is a story of our colossal human failures now
transformed into the happiest usefulness by the living grace of God.” A day at a time we ask for God’s help. Fr. Tom explores
questions such as what is God’s will for us. Tom explores the important self-knowledge we gain from the 4th Step. Every person
has the opportunity to develop a spiritual life. Through time and experience, trial and error, we get better at the 11th Step. Fr. Tom
explores, in detail, the different methods of prayer. He goes on to suggest various ways of meditation as a way of putting ourselves
in God’s presence. And he explores ways we can invite our Higher Power into our meditation. (5/04)
#D0141 5 CD Album $43.00

Gratitude and Service
Father Tom takes us on a journey through Steps 10, 11 and 12. Using AA’s “12 and 12” as a guide, he explores Step 10. He shares
his ongoing personal experiences with Step 10 and the role of character defects. The Big Book tells us with Step 10 our sanity has
returned. The process of looking at our character defects and our wrongs, that we began examining with the 4th Step, continues
with Step 10. Just how do we maintain the new state of serenity and freedom we have achieved? As recovering people, God’s will
for us includes the removal of character defects. The 12th Step speaks to a “spiritual awakening”...what happens when we “wake
up”? How do you spot the real stuff when it comes to spiritual experiences along the spiritual path? The results can be dramatic
but can take place over a long period of time. (11/04)
#D0142 6 CD Album $51.00

Family & Relationship Recovery Audio CDs
Fr. Tom In the Language of Al-Anon



Take What You Need And Leave The Rest
It’s easy to take what we want and leave the rest, but what if we take what we need? Recovery is learning that we
have our own stuff to deal with. We wish we could change others – but we can’t. In these great talks for those of us
who love an alcoholic or addict, Father Tom talks about some of the changes we need to participate in. And he
shows us how to bring a willingness to the changes. Father Tom discusses feelings. Are we aware when we are
feeling fear? Or do we just get mad? He talks about decision making. Father Tom discusses ways to evaluate our
emotional maturity. He talks about approval seeking, paying attention rather than obsessing, and confusing love and
pity. These wonderful talks are not to be missed! (6/18)

#D0173 5 CD Album $43.00


Stay Out Of The Cage
If you love or have been loved by an alcoholic or addict, you have been in combat with the disease. We do this to be helpful but
instead become a causality. It is hard to stay out of the way. But we must, for our own welfare and for those we feel responsible
for. In recovery, there is much we need to let go of, such as old thinking, behaviors, attitudes, and judgments. We need to learn
how to respond in a new way, for our own good. In these talks, Fr. Tom W. discusses the spiritual principal taught by St. Ignatius
Loyola – Agera Contra –to do the opposite. This means to act against behaviors that hold us back from freedom. Tom shows us
that what was once a castle to protect ourselves has now become a prison of our own making. And through the steps and tools of
the program, we are able to transform. (04/17)
#D0171 5 CD album $43.00

If You Love An Alcoholic Or Addict
A gift of recovery is knowing we are powerless over alcohol. There is a broken-heartedness to watch someone in their addiction.
There is a tremendous worry for those of us who love them, no differently than if we loved someone with a chronic illness. These
talks are about what to do with our worry, guilt, anger, sense of loss & grief. Loving someone doesn’t change them — it changes us.
Tom talks about what self-care looks like. He discusses how, through our program, we learn to speak directly about real things and
tell the truth without blaming anyone else — and without letting ourselves off the hook. Tom suggests ways to meditate using our
daily readers and leads a guided meditation. He talks about how to start each day as if we are a beginner, no matter how long we
have been in recovery. He reminds us to do our best, and then watch with awe. 09/16
#D0168 5 CD Album $43.00

In Great Need Of 100,000 Al-Anon Meetings
In these rich and wonderful talks, Fr. Tom shares how the disease of alcoholism affects all of us. He says he is in need of
“…100,000 Al-Anon meetings…”. We become “experts” on how others should lead their lives. Our focus is on others so we don’t
have to pay attention to ourselves. He talks about how Al-Anon breaks some “rules” of a dysfunctional relationship. Control and
power can be sweet drugs leaving us fatigued and in need of 100,000 Al-Anon meetings. Do we nag so we can feel powerful? What
does “none of my business” or “keeping our sails out of other people’s wind” really mean? (09/13)
#D0160 6 CD Album $51.00

Asking For Help…It’s Never Our First Thought
These wonderful talks on recovery cover essential topics to help us enjoy a serene life, while still having relationships with other
people. Fr. Tom takes us on a journey of learning what is our business and how to let go of what is none of our business. He
discusses how we are able to transform our many losses and in doing so develop spiritual and emotional maturity.
He invites us to update our image of our Higher Power and he leads us on a beautiful guided meditation in the language of Al-Anon.
Changing our thinking, attitudes and our own behaviors is one of the many gifts of desperation. And we are reminded that we are
worth saving. (8/11)
#D0156 5 CD Album $43.00

Control Is Our Drug
Alcoholism is a family disease, and those of us who love an alcoholic often become spiritual and emotional casualties. We come to
the program as survivors, but don’t know how to live. Instead, we have become highly skilled at reading others. In these talks, Tom
reminds us that we need to focus on what is life-giving to us. We need to surrender control of people, places and things. Fr. Tom
shares useful tools to help us detach with love and change our attitudes and behaviors to find the peace and sanity we seek.
Prayer and meditation help to keep the focus on ourselves and Tom leads us on a lovely guided meditation. 05/10
#D0153 6 CD Album $51.00

For Families and Friends of Alcoholics
Alcoholism is a family disease, and it takes a long and deep toll on those who love alcoholics, work with alcoholics, are related to
alcoholics, and who have been on an emotional roller coaster with them. Whether the alcoholic is one of our parents, or spouse,
one of our children, or a co-worker we need support and refreshment and recovery. This weekend looks at the tools and treasures
of Al-Anon. The Al-Anon basics. How can we use these basic tools to change our attitudes and behavior to find the peaceful serenity
and sanity we seek. (08/08)
#D0149 6 CD Album $51.00

There's More to Quitting Drinking Than Quitting Drinking by Dr. Paul Ohliger
Audio book Read by Fr. Tom Weston
Dr. Paul was well known in the AA community as the author of the widely quoted Acceptance story on Page 449 of the Big Book of
Alcoholics Anonymous. And he contributed the wisdom gained in his thirty years of recovery to this wonderful book. We have it
available on tape in a spirited reading by Father Tom Weston. This book is for the recovering person who wants more than physical
sobriety -- who wants mental, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual sobriety. Dr. Paul offers his prescription in an honest, down-to-earth
way. He describes why alcoholism is a disease -- not a symptom of a psychiatric problem -- and who gets it; how to build
better relationships with some powerful communication techniques; why and how to give up guilt -- without feeling guilty; and how to
make acceptance the cornerstone of recovery. He also includes a helpful discussion of using medicines in sobriety, and how to
solve sleeping problems without pills.
#D0502 4 CD Album $34.00

Act, Don’t React
We arrive in Al-Anon exhausted, angry and full of grief. We soon discover our obsessions over others don’t lead to freedom. And
our ways of relating to others don’t change, just because the drinking and using stop. What a surprise.
Fr. Tom talks about dealing with obsessive thoughts and “the rules of crazy families” that get in our way as adults. He takes us on a
journey where we learn to live our own lives and foster our own growth in Al-Anon. Some of the ways Tom shows us how to do that
are by developing self-acceptance, being comfortable with enough, and also changing our perspectives. We learn a new way of life
in recovery. We learn how to act, rather than react. (5/05)
#D0143 6 CD Album $51.00

The Steps Help Us Have Real Lives
Fr. Tom asks us “Are we a role model or a warning?’ Before finding Al-Anon we have the tendency to run the lives of everyone else.
This is a useful way of not knowing what is going on in our own lives. We can get addicted to the adrenaline and the drama. And
when we finally get to Al-Anon, we are exhausted. Fr. Tom talks about the steps and the tools of the program, which allow us to find
out who we are and what we want to do. We all come into the program as skillful survivors. And he reminds us that we need to
learn to be grateful for those skills we developed and then to be willing to let go of those that longer serve us. And Fr. Tom shares
with us how to learn some new skills to go from survivor to someone who’s fully alive. (5/02)
#D0137 6 CD Album $51.00

Learning to Live and Let Live
Do you find yourself entangled with people who make you nuts? Then these tapes may be just what you need. In these talks, Father
Tom shows us how to learn to live fully through the steps and slogans of the Al-Anon program. How do we release others with love,
feel all of our feelings, and connect with our Higher Power? How can the slogan "Live and Let Live" bring new life to our recovery?
He offers a guided meditation to help us release the people we are concerned about to our Higher Power. These talks are a valuable
resource to help us live more effectively with ourselves and those we care about. (9/97)
#D0131 2 CD Album $17.00

Discovering Today: Learning to Live Life Surrounded by Crazy People
This Al-Anon retreat by Father Tom is full of magic and inspiration. These talks can encourage understanding and healing for
anyone who has been touched by the disease of alcoholism or any family dysfunction. They deal with many familiar topics in a very
special way. When you hear these talks you will know how to tell the crazies from the sane, how to recognize you're talking to a
lizard brain, why flight attendants give the best program advice, and the healing wisdom of a Guatemalan peasant. You will hear the
best discussion of depression we've ever heard... Through the humor and insight of these talks, you'll have a new appreciation of
your program and yourself. (8/96)
#D0129 6 CD Album $51.00

Couples in Recovery
Maintaining a successful committed relationship can be one of our greatest challenges in recovery. Father Tom draws on the
resources of wise thinkers, poets, and the personal stories of friends to show how we can achieve true openness and intimacy in a
mutually fulfilling relationship. He begins with a history and overview of the AA and Al-Anon programs. He then covers a broad
range of topics, including defining our needs in a relationship; what does it mean to love and be loved; effective techniques for
communication; learning to listen; how to fight fairly; surrendering without giving up, and the importance of working our own
program. (9/94)
#D0125 6 CD Album $51.00

Living with Imperfection
Father Tom leads us on an entertaining journey through Steps Six and Seven in Al-Anon. He shows how we can understand and
accept our own character defects, often finding treasure where we only saw ruin. He describes a number of character traits that
have the potential to make us really stuck, and how we can transform them in ways that make us free. Then, using this foundation of
self-discovery, we are able to understand the value of telling our own stories, helping to heal others and ourselves. (8/93)
#D0122 6 CD Album $51.00

Learning To Care For Our Own Acre
Father Tom addresses our central concern as co-dependent people: how can we properly care for ourselves in order to be truly
loving and nurturing individuals? He shows how tilling the soil of our own spiritual garden leads to a blossoming of our relationships
with our Higher Power, with our self, with other people, and with the Earth. He describes a number of practical techniques to help us
to slow down enough to be present for the miracle of our own lives. A humorous, uplifting and enriching series of talks. (8/92)
#D0118 6 CD Album $51.00

Accepting Other People: Tools for Healthy Relationships in Recovery
Father Tom tackles a central concern for many of us in recovery: how do we develop healthy relationships at home, at work, and
with our friends? Using the spiritual principles of Al-Anon, he looks at how to take care of ourselves and how to stay out of other
people's way. And he discusses the difference between being a slave to others and being truly helpful. (7/91)
#D0113 6 CD Album $51.00

Choosing to Love: Recovery in Al-Anon
Father Tom talks about recognizing and letting go of old patterns of dependency, control, manipulation, and martyr-victim craziness.
He describes the choices available in recovery: Choosing to be a caregiver rather than a caretaker, choosing to set limits, choosing
to grow. (8/87)
#D0105 6 CD Album $51.00

Grief and Grace
Coming to terms with grief and loss can be one of the most difficult challenges we face in recovery. In this retreat for Adult Children
of Alcoholics, Father Tom helps us to understand these issues. He discusses the nature of grief, the inevitability of anger and the
role of grace in healing. And he offers us tools that can enable us in time to move through grief and embrace life on the other side of
loss. (9/93)

#D0123 6 CD Album $51.00

Principles of Recovery for People From Dysfunctional Families
A refreshing approach to ACA issues. Topics include the dynamics of the dysfunctional family; learning to talk, feel and trust; how
recovery in ACA and Al-Anon work together; and avoiding the pitfalls of later recovery. Many of us come from dysfunctional families.
Father Tom's humorous and humane approach to this sensitive topic makes the process of discovery, forgiveness, and reconciliation
a natural part of recovery. (12/86) #D0101 6 CD Album $51.00

ACA: Letting Go, Healing Up & Moving On
This seminar takes up where Father Tom's Dysfunctional Families album (A0101) left off. Now that we understand the impact of
growing up in a dysfunctional home, how can we change our behavior to change our lives? Topics include dealing with anger, fear,
guilt, and shame; grieving and letting go; prayer and meditation; asserting our rights, and taking care of ourselves. An album full of
practical insight, laughter, and hope. (12/87)
#D0108 6 CD Album $51.00

Footwork To Freedom in Relationships
Freedom has a lot to do with making choices about our actions and reactions, according to Father Tom. And in this series of talks,
Tom shows how freedom can begin with our personal transformation through the Steps of Al-Anon and ACA. The wide range of
topics include building grown-up relationships; dealing with anger, guilt, shame, and embarrassment; learning to trust; what makes a
good sponsor, and finding pleasure and delight in our lives. (11/91)
#D0117 6 CD Album $51.00

Changing the Things We Can
Do you feel weighted down by people and situations in your life? Do you sometimes take responsibility for things you can’t control
or fix? Then these tapes are for you. Beginning with the Serenity Prayer, Father Tom shows how the shift in focus of the Al-Anon
Program can bring profound healing in our lives. Through his own experiences and a wealth of literature, he shows how we waste
our energy trying to control people and situations, and how we can use the Program to change our attitudes and behavior to find the
peace and sanity we seek. These talks are full of wisdom, humor and practical information about working the steps, using a sponsor
and being one, a simple way to journal, and some wonderful ways to say “no”. And by describing his own craziness, he shows us
how we can have love and compassion for ourselves as we continue to obsess, make mistakes, falter and grow. (9/00)
#D0134 6 CD Album $51.00

Making Peace With Ourselves As Adult Children of Alcoholics
How can we learn to view our lives with compassion and love when we grew up in alcoholic or crazy homes? How can we not be
frozen in denial or consumed by anger and grief? Father Tom describes how applying the Twelve Steps of ACA can enable us to
avoid repeating our past and to truly transform our lives. He offers some practical techniques to recognize, identify and experience
our feelings. And he shows how to avoid managing, manipulation, martyring and mothering, so that we can make peace with
ourselves and with others. Many of us have black belts in survival, but can we truly live life fully? The answer in these inspiring
talks is a resounding YES? (8/97)
#D0132 6 CD Album $51.00

DVD - Healing Through Recovery And Change
Father Tom reflects on the evolution of Twelve Step recovery programs, drawing parallels between them and other spiritual
traditions. What do the Twelve Step programs have in common? What does it mean to "hit bottom" and become willing to change?
What are the Steps? How does Grace work through the kinship of common suffering? How have these recovery programs enabled
millions of people to find hope from the depths of despair? Intended for an audience of both recovering people and interested
friends. 55 minutes (4/93)
#D0201 DVD Video $25.00

Spirituality and Religion Talks by Fr. Tom

In The Light of the Gospels
God is regularly reaching out to us. Are we too busy to notice? Lent is a good time to slow down and look at ourselves in the light of
the Gospels. Father Tom Weston takes us on a journey through the Lenten season, discussing spiritual practices to make this a
deeper and more meaningful experience to more fully connect with God.
Fr. Tom talks about the mystery of the Trinity. He shares with us what it means to celebrate and receive the Eucharist as a healing
Sacrament. And he discusses the life and resurrection of Jesus. In these beautiful and meaningful talks, we are reminded that we
are all invited to the banquet. And Fr. Tom guides us to more fully respond to the invitation. (3/03)
#D0140 5 CD Album $43.00

Catholicism 101
Father Tom leads us through a breathtaking five-hour history of Christianity from the Conception to the present. He talks about a
wide range of topics in his unique and entertaining style, including foundations of the Old Testament; the development of the early
Church; the formation of the New Testament; the division of the Eastern and Western Church; the Protestant Reformation; the wide
diversity in the Church; and some light on Vatican II. (10/91)
#D0116 6 CD Album $51.00

Catholicism 201
As a sequel to his popular Catholicism 101 series, Father Tom launches into an in-depth exploration of what it means to be a
Catholic. He describes the origins and meaning of the Eucharist service while he performs it. Through his engaging, often humorous
storytelling, he discusses many immediately relevant topics. What sustains us? What encourages us? Who is God and what is
God's grace? What can scripture tell us about life and living? These talks emphasize a personal approach to the Catholic religious
experience (9/92)
#D0119 6 CD Album $51.00

Catholicism 301
This insightful retreat focuses on the central observance of Christianity: the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Father Tom
leads us on a powerful tour of scripture to discover what it means to be a Catholic. How can understanding the life and teaching of
Jesus help us surrender the illusions of ego and find a personal spiritual awakening? Among the broad range of topics covered are:
the meaning of the Incarnation; the historic roots of the Catholic faith; grief and healing; the isolation of resentment, hatred, and sin;
the gift of grace; the power of faith and prayer; the origin and meaning of the Sacraments; and the message of the Crucifixion. He
describes the events of Jesus’ last days and shows how understanding their significance can enrich and empower our lives. (4/95)
#D0126 6 CD Album $51.00

Catholicism 401: Living In The Church Community
How do we determine what is right for ourselves and for humanity when so many voices (both inside and outside the Church) seem
to disagree? How do we develop and educate a conscience? Father Tom puts some perspective on this crucial issue, with a grand
historical survey of a church, which has grown, changed, and adapted through the centuries, culminating in the vision of Vatican II.
He illustrates his commentary with wonderful stories about people who take the spiritual life seriously. These are drawn from
literature, Scripture, and the daily news. He speaks of conscience, self-discovery and self-acceptance, and how we can walk in the
footsteps of Jesus. (8/96)
#D0128 4 CD Album $34.00

God Without Hysteria
Fr. Tom discusses a spiritual path somewhere between frenzied fundamentalism and California psychobabble, for sponsors,
counselors, and others who work with recovering people. In this five hour seminar recorded at the Merritt Peralta Institute, Father
Tom offers practical suggestions on a wide range of topics, including believers, atheists and agnostics; the experience of faith; the
nature of sanity; and how to know God's will. (3/88)
#D0110 4 CD Album $34.00

Single Audio CDs by Fr. Tom

Liturgy and the 11th Step

Sharing Scripture and the Eucharist, Lent 2017
Fr Tom conducts and explains the Mass
#D2132 Single CD $9.00

Dr. Bob’s Nightmare...A Commentary (09/13)
#D2127 Single CD $9.00

Faith and Belief...The Many Roads Up Mt. Fuji (09/13)
#D2128 Single CD $9.00

Al-Anon For Members Of AA (09/13)
#D2129 Single CD $9.00

Progress Not Perfection (09/13)
#D2130 Single CD $9.00

Steps 10 and 11...Reviewing The Day Prayerfully (09/13)
#D2131 Single CD $9.00

Fr. Tom W. SJ His Al-Anon Story 2011
#D2125 Single CD $9.00

The Wisdom of The Slogans (05/10)
#D2124 Single CD $9.00

Connections With A Higher Power:
Listening For A Voice Other Than My Own
#D2116 Single CD $9.00

Defects Of Character: Friends Or Foes? (4/07)
#D2117 Single CD $9.00

Spiritual Awakening/Experience:
Some Reflections Of William James (4/07)
#D2118 Single CD $9.00

Seeking God’s Will In The Ordinary Parts of Daily Life (4/07)
#D2119 Single CD $9.00

A Meditation With A Bit Of Rumi (4/07)
#D2120 Single CD $9.00

Some Tools For Finding God’s Will:
Responding A Little More To Grace
#D2121 Single CD $9.00

Healing Through Straight Talk and Humor (9/97)
#D2112 Single CD $9.00

Relationships And Self Care (10/93)
#D2107 Single CD $9.00

A Talk On Grief (2/95)
#D2108 Single CD $9.00

God As We Understand God (7/94)
#D2105 Single CD $9.00

Spirituality As A Foundation For Recovery (2/89)
#D2056 Single CD $9.00

Healing The Body, The Mind And The Spirit (8/87)
#D2101 Single CD $9.00

How To Survive The Holidays (10/88)
#D2007 Single CD $9.00

Feeling Fully Alive: Reclaiming Your Emotions (12/88)
#D2055 Single CD $9.00

Some Approaches To Prayer And Meditation (9/91)
#D2104 Single CD $9.00

Catholicism: A Second Look For Recovering People (7/90)
#D2099 Single CD $9.00

Sponsorship: Fr. Tom & Blanche M. (98)
#D0206 Single CD $9.00

Loving, Intimacy: Fr. Tom & Blanche M. (98)
#D0203 Single CD $9.00

The 12 Steps of Al-Anon Fr. Tom & Blanche M. (98)
#D0204 Single CD $9.00

Step 3: Fr. Tom (95)
#SD1413 Single CD $9.00

Step 11: Fr. Tom ((95)
#SD1415 Single CD $9.00

Step 6 & 7 : Fr. Tom (96)
#SD1552 Single CD $9.00

11th Step Reflections: Fr. Tom (96)
#SD1554 Single CD $9.00

Step 9 Making Amends: Fr. Tom (96)
#SD1606 Single CD $9.00

Attraction Rather Than Promotion (96)
#DG0105 Single CD $9.00

Conversations About God: God 301 Part 1 Fr. Tom (97)
#SD1702 Single CD $9.00

Conversations About God: God 301Part 2 Fr. Tom ((97)
#SD1704 Single CD $9.00

Consolation & Desolation: Fr. Tom (98)
#D0205 Single CD $9.00

God 401A God’s Grace: Fr. Tom & Fr. Terry R. (98)
#SD1903 Single CD $9.00

God 401B God Is At Work: Fr. Tom & Fr. Terry R. (98)
#SD1909 Single CD $9.00

Fr. Tom: Cache Creek CA 2003
#D2113 Single CD $9.00

Fr. Tom: Grass Valley CA 2006
#D2114 Single CD $9.00

Fr. Tom His Story 1995
#SD1417 Single CD $9.00

In This Life Alaska Recovery Conference at Sea June 2012
Buy all 12 talks for just $80….A $108 Value! D1000


Fr. Tom W. “Grant Me The Serenity”
#D1001   $9.00

Anne L. “Don’t Quit Til You Get The Miracle”
#D1002   $9.00

Dr. Al M. “The Biochemistry of Addiction”
#D1003   $9.00

“Fun with Fossils” Old Timers at Their best
#D1004   $9.00

Anne L. “Every Single Thing I Know About Anything”
#D1005   $9.00

John M. “Words and Music”
#D1006   $9.00

Fr. Tom & Anne L. “Rage and Gratitude
#D1007   $9.00

Dr. Al M. “A Doctor’s Opinion”
#D1008   $9.00

Fr. Tom W. “What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us”
#D1009   $9.00

Gary K. & Richard S. The origins of AA with Bill & Dr. Bob
#D1010   $9.00

“Fun with Fossils” More Old Timers
#D1011   $9.00

Fr. Tom W. & Anne L. “The Bright Side of Desperation"
#D1012   $9.00

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