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Fr. Terry

Is the Director of Substance Abuse Ministry in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  He chairs a panel that performs intervention and follow-up for clergy who need help.  He has been conducting retreats for people in Twelve Step programs since 1975

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 In his humorous style Fr. Terry talks about how we love under battlefield conditions. How our culture, from the time we are youngsters,  puts a premium on control. But when we enter Al-Anon we are asked to give up our plan. This part of surrender can be counter-intuitive. Fr. Terry talks of the bondage of self ...the bondage of a dream of control and how Al-Anon relieves us of this bondage. Terry talks of developing a relationship with a Higher Power. Why is it when praying we seldom get what we want or expect? The program can touch hearts and bring people alive. Its transformative. God’s will is what anyone wants once they experience it. (05/07)

Father Terry describes in his humorous and disarming style on the earliest and most important spiritual experiences in recovery: learning to identify with others. How does identification happen? How can we transform a life of obsession and fear into one of love and acceptance? How can we learn to love and accept ourselves? How does each Step of the Program build upon this fundamental experience of opening our hearts and identifying? These powerful and compelling talks are rich with insights that could enhance your program and your life. (01/95)

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