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Becoming Useful Members Of The Community Through The Steps And Traditions



When we come into the rooms we are very immature.  Nothing is our fault and we have secrets. We have trouble with personal relationships and have no idea what to do with our emotions.

Father Tom discusses the practical and spiritual aspects of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions that help us grow up.  Wait! think you might not want to learn more about the traditions—think again.  Our steps and our traditions help us with our recovery, our relationships, and our connection with a Higher Power.   And Tom shares new and humorous stories illustrating the Steps and Traditions working in our lives.

There is a long period of rebuilding after we enter these rooms.  We need new skills to notice what is at work in our lives.  These wonderful talks show us, with a little recovery and maturity, how to be in dialogue with others in recovery, with our families and our community.




Becoming Useful Members Of The Community Through The Steps And Trad - Father Tom

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