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Bits of Hope While Crazies Surround Us!


This talk was recorded the day after Thanksgiving, and leading into the Holiday Season. Fresh into the crazy! By continually learning to and gaining tools to maneuver through this time of year, or through any groups or gatherings, with some sense of sanity. Fr. Tom shares insights on how we can do better during get-togethers of any kind and learn more about ourselves. When we are in recovery, somethings can seem like a crisis, whether new or having been around for a few days.


Fr. Tom talks about being able to wake up in the morning without dread and learn how to celebrate life. By reading, writing, and meditating and not wasting time on things we cannot change, really frees up your days. We learn we can not change the past, but we can better our future. By coming into the program, we hopefully have received the Gift Of Desperation. We often don’t realize it’s a gift for a very long time.


At this retreat Fr. Tom has a special guest, Dr. Mary cross. Dr. Cross touches on the benefits of the 11th Step and Conscious Contact in your daily practices. As we awaken in our recovery, we see our “dry bones” and may recognize for the very first time that our life was a train wreck. We may recognize that we were so angry because we were so scared. We learn how to sidestep traps by responding to the crazies rather than reacting. We practice learning how not to say everything we are thinking.


We only have today to live, that 24 hours is a gift. We learn how to do this by practicing with the tools we have picked up in our recovery and not thinking or projecting into the future, that’s insanity.


Practicing this to the best of our ability, we can learn to lessen the crazy! This is the freedom that comes by Living Life One day At A Time. (11/19)


Bits of Hope While Crazies Surround Us! - Father Tom W

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