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Deep Breaths, Both Lungs, Simple Self-Care

(Audio From Online Retreat May 15 - 17, 2020)


For Friends and Families Of Alcoholics and Addicts, 12 Step Based


Father Tom shares about Recovery through Grace, Wisdom, and Humor.


In recovery, we learn to mind our own business, instead of going around giving people a piece of our mind or advice for everything. We get to learn how to live with a crazy person and not go crazy ourselves. When we find ourselves agitated, we can practice using tools like the Serenity Prayer to help change the way we handle a situation. There are things we just simply cannot change. We want to know what those things are so we don’t waste our time on them and turn our focus on the things we can.


We get to practice focusing on our recovery and our Higher Power. With practice, we begin to worry less and trust in the process. In the disease of alcoholism and addiction, we learned how to survive not to thrive in our own life. Recovery teaches us to thrive regardless of the situation. We learn how to live simply and enjoy the here and now! This is what sanity looks like. The key when we are in recovery is paying attention to our behaviors, attitudes, and thinking. Replying with “I don’t know” is an excellent sign of growth and wisdom.


The 12 Steps are a simply sophisticated way to learn how to be a human being instead of a human doing!


(May 15 – 17, 2020)


Deep Breaths, Both Lungs, Simple Self-Care

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