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Gratitude—A Surprising Gift of Recovery


There are many surprises in recovery. A big one is that we discover that we become grateful. Father Tom takes us on a journey of looking at all we have been given. He speaks with us about love, open hearted expressions of a Higher Power, the gifts of our disease, and the gratitude for recovery and freedom. He discusses how to live life – not merely survive it.


Father Tom talks with us about what to do when things get really difficult – and it will. In recovery, we all end up back at Step 1 at one point or another, and he shows us what to do; how to turn it over, discusses self-centered fear, and developing the muscle to identity with others.


Father Tom leads us in a truly wonderful Gratitude meditation that will expand our gratitude for all we have been given.  (1/17)


Gratitude - A Surprising Gift of Recovery

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