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If You Love An Alcoholic Or Addict


A gift of recovery is knowing we are powerless over alcohol.  There is a broken-heartedness to watch someone in their addiction.  There is a tremendous worry for those of us who love them, no differently than if we loved someone with a chronic illness.  These talks are about what to do with our worry, guilt, anger, sense of loss & grief.  Loving someone doesn’t change them — it changes us.

Tom talks about what self-care looks like.  He discusses how, through our program, we learn to speak directly about real things and tell the truth without blaming anyone else — and without letting ourselves off the hook.

Tom suggests ways to meditate using our daily readers and leads a guided meditation.  He talks about how to start each day as if we are a beginner, no matter how long we have been in recovery.  He reminds us to do our best, and then watch with awe. 09/16



If You Love An Alcohlic Or Addict - with Fr. Tom W.

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