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Living In The Promises

(Audio From Online Retreat June 25-27, 2021)


In this retreat, Fr. Tom guides us through the weekend, leading us through the program's promises!

When we arrive in recovery, everything is new. Working the program requires us to identify and not compare. It is not easy to rewire old wiring from family stuff.

How do we do that when the survival skills we have learned, such as defending, attacking, and isolation, are familiar? Building walls that become a fortress that ends up being a prison.

This is when life collapses. Life falls apart then we rebuild. In recovery, no matter if we are a newcomer or a long-timer!

The 12 steps and working the program with a Sponsor along with the fellowship helps us rewrite our behaviors. It takes Grace to build awareness of similarities to acknowledge that we share this planet with humanity connecting with all living beings



Living In The Promises

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