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Show Up, Pay Attention, Tell The Truth And Let Go Of The Results

The program is for living. Many of us know how to survive, but not live. Our survival skills have helped us function to this point because of our denial and survival skills we don’t recognize how crazy we may be.

The program offers us a reprieve from the worst of our crazy. We learn that there is freedom in acceptance. As we ask for our defects to be removed, we are reminded they are not erased.
We recognize we truly are humans being, not human doings. When we feel exhausted, or overwhelmed, we can use the tools of Al-Anon. If you deal with the public, you need Al-Anon.

We are friends, companions, and allies in a world filled where humanity could use Al-Anon. We learn to have the life of a grown-up. Becoming less obsessed with the past and coming into the present to heal. Recovery helps us feel better, do everything better, not perfect, as we learn to allow our Higher Power to sort it out. (4/19)

Show Up, Pay Attention, Tell The Truth And Let Go Of The Results

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