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Secrets Have Power - Telling Our Story Heals


There is healing in telling our story. From sharing our stories, we learn to identify with other people’s stories. When we share stories of struggles and joys, our lives become so much better.

We soon realized we have all come back from hard lives and situations. Knowing we’re not alone and finding that common ground with a common solution. Finding hope and help through generations of alcoholism, addiction, and dependencies where there has been isolation, misery, shame, and secrets. Through our stories, we create a kinship based on common suffering, finding that we are not alone. In recovery, we get to wake up and start looking at the damage and the steps to repair it. Taking care of unfinished business and no longer drowning in self-centered fear. Finding out we are not alone and don’t have to recover on our own! Having hope and help as we continue on the journey of recovery, sharing stories with others. (5/19)

Secrets Have Power - Telling Our Story Heals with Father Tom W.

SKU: D0177
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