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The Things We Have In Common:

Friends, Companions, Allies….. Recovering From Alienation


(Audio From Online Retreat April 24-26, 2020)


Join Fr. Tom, as he guides you through the weekend to see what helps you instead of hurting you.


Getting through these days without harming yourself or others is vital. When we mind our own business and stay out of other people's way, we may gain Peace and Serenity. We always have more to learn and ways to grow in the life of recovery. During these current times, when life is uncertain, it's essential to keep things simple.


Say to yourself, "I Am Here." "I Am Present." Acknowledge when you may not be handling a situation very well. The future isn't what it used to be. Stay away from critical fearful thoughts as well as the words: might, possibly, and maybe. We need to be emotionally present, to be here now.


We want to pay attention to our feelings and emotional state. When the news bombards us, and we can't make sense of life, we are left worrying and buzzing with confusion. We can't breathe. We become depleted and exhausted. Pay attention to the people, places, or things that may not be for your highest good. Our program teaches us to become more of a human being than a human doing. We embody this by practicing life on life's terms vs. life on our terms.

We do this One Day at a Time. (4/20)



The Things We Have In Common: Friends, Companions, Allies….. Reco - Father Tom W

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