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Your In Charge Until You're Not...


Sometimes the third step prayer is as simple as HELP!

One day at a time I can practice how to be in the present. I start by asking or praying for God’s help, that is enough to get started. Whether new or having been around a while, we learn that there is a big difference between being dry or being sober. It doesn’t matter if it is within ourselves or being around our someone we love.

When we ask for help it is our beginning to getting well. Simply asking is the Spiritual way to mental health! Healing happens just by being. “Keep coming back” works if you let it.

The first step is about the train wreck. The following steps are about how to live in our own skin relatively comfortably and how to navigate through relationships and life. We don’t realize how lucky we are when we make it to our first meeting. It can be the beginning of lifelong healing.
When we feel inconvenienced or pushed out of our comfort zone we learn, just like when we exercise, we need to be stretched in order to grow and heal. We find that even disappointments are a type of soft resentment and how to watch out for them.


Having a safe place to go with safe people helps us to gain experience on how to navigate not only the big things in life but also the day to day challenges. Meetings can help us to keep our feet on the ground and get in touch on how we really feel. We want to stay out of the drama and stay in the solution. We find what enhances our lives and what takes away, as well as what motivates us. To look at the bigger picture.

When we are exhausted and worn out the war is over! We lost… When we stop fighting everything and learn how to rest and take care of ourselves. You need an ego, just not the one that crushes everyone. It takes time so give yourself a break. A lot of recovery isn’t efficient, quick, or easy. So don’t compare yourself with others.

You are who you are. Find out your heart’s desires and rebuild your life! Find that authenticity. We are given the gift of today, what a gift! Build your world of friends, companions, and allies!



Your In Charge Until You're Not... - Father Tom W

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